Pavan is a singer-songwriter from India and writes songs in Hindi and English. Classified as indie-pop/indie-rock/easy-listening, arrangement of his songs range from intimate acoustic to swelling rock guitars and synths.

You have to first open up to yourself to truly connect to the world around you. His debut, 4-song, Hindi EP “Zaraasa” is a celebration of this human yearning to connect. His first English single “Elephant” is a pop/rock song about around the theme of addressing the Elephant in the room.

A comfortable introvert himself, his music translates his introspection, observations, and theories.

Starting with open-mics across Mumbai, Pavan soon started winning slots to play gigs. After playing intimate sets to roomful of audiences, he graduated to form a band.

Pavan has played at The Habitat, Lil Flea Festival, Sofar, Bandcamp, The Hive, Hertz Cave among others.

"Pavan Gaikwad’s work has the Midas touch of warmth."